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German Shepherd Training for Pups

border collie training

A German shepherd that’s confident will not hide behind their owner or fail to respond to its owner’s commands. Like all other breeds, when it comes to training, socialization is key, but there are also other aspects of German shepherd training that are just as important and can prevent your dog from becoming anxious, bored or depressed.

German Shepherd Training: What Your Puppy Need in order to be Successful

In order for your shepherd to develop into a confident dog you must avoid physical punishment, provide them with the necessary socialization they desperately need and protect them from other animals or people who may not treat them with kindness and respect.

To start, your German shepherd pup needs a safe and secure nest. This should be a place in your home that your new puppy can call their own. Never force your dog into this nest. If they leave their nest pick them up and shower them with attention, but if they’re comfortably resting inside their little haven, leave them alone. Never use their nest as a punishment, meaning if they have an accident, dig or destroy your property, don’t send them to their nest, otherwise they will associate it with being in trouble.

border collie training

Avoid physically punishing your puppy at all costs. Hitting or hurting your dog will lead to a number of behavioral problems, including depression, anxiety or aggression. You must establish yourself as the leader of the pack in order for your dog to respect and trust you. Positive reinforcement is an effective way to establish leadership and authority.

Another important part of German shepherd training is animal socialization. This will allow them to feel comfortable around other animals, instead of feeling threatened. During this time, never allow another dog or animal to bully your pup. This can lead to injury, aggression and fear in your little one and they can grow up to mistrust all other animals. The best thing you can do is avoid the company of other adult dogs that live outside the home. This means never take your puppy to a dog park. While many responsible animal owners do this, there are people who bring dogs who are not trained or socialized. These animals may snap at or try to attack other animals at the park and this can lead to an all-out fighting free for all. You can bring your pup around other adult dogs in a safe and secure environment, as long as you know for sure that the animal is well behaved and not a danger to your puppy.

The Tools you need to Train Your Pup

In order for a German shepherd pup to grow up happy and healthy they need protection provided by their pack leader, positive reinforcement, and consistency in training, exercise and socialization. They also need plenty of affection, love and human interaction in order to feel like they belong. A secure and confident puppy will grow to be the best dog you have ever had.

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