Border Collie Training Needs Why Training Your Border Collie is Very Important


The border collie has a reputation for being a working dog and because of this, border collie training will include both physical and mental training aspects that will teach your new pup how to remain active and happy in their new home.

Border Collie Training Needs

Beautiful and very intelligent, the border collie needs to have a task or job in order to really thrive and remain stimulated, which works to prevent boredom and depression. They require a lot of exercise and need to be walked or ran daily. Without a purpose the border collie can become irritable and frustrated. These dogs have a born desire to work with humans and tend to form strong bonds with their owner. At times these dogs can be somewhat possessive of their owner and experience separation anxiety if they have not been crate trained properly.

This breed will do well with obedience training. This type of training will teach your dog the basic commands, such as sit, stay, come and lie down. Agility training is perfect for the border collie and this type of advanced training will allow them to burn off their high amount of energy while also mentally exercising them. If you don’t want to enroll your dog in agility training, try teaching them a new trick or two every week. These dogs are fast learners and they actually have a big desire to learn new things. Natural herders, they will also do well on farms or homes with other pets. These dogs are not naturally dog or animal aggressive so they will make a good addition to a household with other dogs or small animals, just don’t be surprised if they try to herd them when it’s time to go inside for the day.

Why Training Your Border Collie is Very Important

Because a natural instinct of the border collie is to chase, they require training in order to prevent excessive chasing of other animals or family members. They may even attempt to escape the yard to chase cars.В  These friendly pups are all business when it comes to herding, so training is essential in order to prevent your dog from developing any behavioral issues such as escaping the yard.

Due to lack of training and the proper amount of human interaction, border collies tend to end up in shelters because they’re not getting the guidance and stimulation they need. Please be sure to research this breed further before you decide to bring a new pup home. If you’re unable to give this dog the attention and training it needs in order to thrive, you can end up with a dog that’s aggressive or depressed, due to boredom.


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