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Cat Nurses Other Animals at Shelter – Amazing!

This Black Cat Nurses The Other Sick Animals to Health

Meet Mr Radamenes, the amazing black cat who was saved by an animal doctor and now in turn helps to return the favor by helping to nurse other animals.

Radamenes would tend to these animals after their operations and ‘nurse’ them to health by giving them some love and staying by their side during recovery.

The purring nurse is real πŸ™‚

Enjoy the pictures below and please SHARE some Pawsome Love!


After recovering from a respiratory infection, Radamenes nurses other animals during recovery.

black cat nursing other cat

nursing cat


Radamenes cleaned and hugged the other animals and this left the doctors in awe.

Radamenes The Nursing Cat

And yes without any discrimination, including the dogs too.

Cat nurse watches after the dog too

3 cats

cat nurse

cat and dog

That’s me folks! (headshot)

close up: the cat nurse

nurse carrying the cat nurse

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