Dog Food Reviews: What’s the Best Brand? Dog Food Reviews

Dog Food Reviews: What’s the Best Brand? Dog Food Reviews

Dog Food ReviewsDog Food Reviews: What’s the Best Brand?


Dog food can be a difficult subject. When you don’t know much about it, it’s really difficult to choose the right type for your dog. There’s such a wide variety of products, and depending on what your dog needs, your budget, and other considerations, you might not even know where to start. As a pet owner, you definitely want your dog to live a healthier and longer life. The very first thing that you should be able to provide to him is quality, nutritious dog food that can give your sweet buddy the things he needs to stay strong, remain active, and maintain protection against disease. The proper food can definitely achieve all of these things, but it’s hard to know where to start. Looking through dog food reviews, like the ones in this article, can help solidify your decision, as can advice from your dog’s veterinarian.

It can be quite difficult to find reliable information, especially when it comes to the nutritional value of dog foods that are readily available in pet-supply stores these days. Pet-food manufacturers don’t divulge all of the essential information that you need. For instance, brands often will not disclose all the details pertaining to ingredients, sources, processing methods, and more because they see these factors as trade secrets that they need to keep under wraps to maintain profits.

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When you’re presented with several dog food choices, how do you select the best product for your pet that he will love that will also give him the nutrition he needs? Going with a trusted brand that has a high level of customer satisfaction and a great reputation for producing healthful foods is a great start.

Buying Guide

When buying dog food, you shouldn’t just go for the most readily available choice or for the brand that you always see on commercials. Just because almost everyone talks about this brand and you’re inundated with sweet videos laden with advertising language and frolicking dogs doesn’t mean that it necessarily provides the quality you’re looking for. Keep in mind that, as is the same with other products that are being marketed to you, larger pet food companies are often just concerned with making money. Marketing has little or nothing to do with the quality of nutrition that your dog can get from the food.

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Don’t be easily enticed to purchase a dog food that appeals to you because you like the package or the labeling uses language like “all natural” or “premium formula.” These terms don’t really mean anything concrete, and they’re just there to build a (somewhat false) level of trust in your mind. As a pet owner, you have to be careful, especially when it comes to products that you purchase for your dog. Many dog food manufacturers use by-products and other ingredients that might not be healthy. That’s why the most important thing for you to look at is the list of ingredients used, not the packaging. All manufacturers are required to provide the ingredients they add to their dog food; they just don’t have to say the quantities of them. There are some product labels that are quite confusing. Take time to familiarize yourself with foods along with the other details and information. In that way, it’s much easier for you to identify which product is the best and which is just pure marketing.

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Factors to Consider

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When it comes to choosing the best dog food, there are different elements you should consider. These things include nutritional content backed by feeding trials, assessments of the ingredients, the calorie content, and the life-stage specifications.

You want your pet to have a balanced diet and get the necessary vitamins and minerals he needs, so you have to look at the nutritional value of the product. Another thing that you should consider is the calorie content. You don’t want your dog to become obese because this can put him at a higher risk of developing diseases. As such, it’s essential that you’re aware of the calorie content so you don’t overfeed. Also consider the life stage and the quality of ingredients. Not all dog food products are suitable for all dog breeds and ages. Puppies and young dogs are more active, so they need high-calorie food with a lot of protein to help them grow. Old dogs are more sedentary, so they need lower-calorie options.

Consult Your Vet

Not all dog lovers know which specific dog foods to get. Instead of spending a lot of time thinking about whether a particular dog food fits what your dog needs, you should consult your veterinarian. With so many choices out there, sometimes it can be quite difficult to differentiate and choose the best. With the help of your vet, you can easily find the most suitable food that addresses the dietary and nutritional requirements of your pet. Your vet will help you account for any specific health concerns your dog might have as well.

Dog Food Reviews

wooferine beef treats for dogsBased on the online reviews coming from pet owners and experts that have tried and tested the different food product available, below are some of the best dog food choices to try. There’s a mix of wet and dry foods to suit, depending on what your pet prefers.

Wooferine Dogs– Their treats are made with pure beef and chicken liver without the use of added ingredients also known as fillers. Rich in protein, these are ideal for all types of dogs and ages. Wooferine also boasts in producing all natural products without any preservatives.

Acana Regionals Grain-Free Dry Food– These kibbles are great if your dog has any allergies to wheat or rice or he deals with skin issues like dry patches. It’s primarily made of whole meats, including lamb, duck, and Alaskan cod, along with eggs and a blend of vegetables.

Wellness Complete Health– Wellness is a brand that’s known for providing whole-food recipes that use fresh ingredients. This line includes 16 different types of kibbles for seniors, large breeds, puppies, and even toy breeds. Whole chicken, whitefish, and brown rice are common ingredients.

Nature’s Logic– This line of canned foods offers seven varieties with different protein sources, including beef, sardines, chicken, venison, lamb, duck and salmon, and rabbit. They’re made with limited ingredients, meaning there’s a lower risk that your dog will develop a sensitivity to the products. Some are essentially all meat, so they’re meant to supplement kibbles.

Merrick Classics– If you like feeding your dog food that looks good enough for you to try too, the 23 canned varieties from Merrick’s Classics line should do the trick. Many of these meals resemble stews with whole or diced fruits and vegetables along with meat chunks. In the case of the Winglaling recipe, the food even contains whole chicken wings that have been pressure cooked to make the bones soft so your pal can enjoy every bite.

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