Best Dog Breeds: Choosing Your Ideal Pet

Best Dog Breeds: Choosing Your Ideal Pet

Many people choose dogs as their pets. They’re known to be loyal and loving to their masters, and they’re friendly and make great companions for kids and even elderly people. From families to single individuals, more and more people realize that nothing beats having a dog at home to welcome you at the end of a long day. If you’re planning to get one for yourself or your household, you’re probably curious about the best dog breeds out there. 

Choosing the ideal dog breed is relatively subjective, and it depends on several factors. For one, you should look at the personality of the dog breed. Every dog, just like every human, has his own personality, and certain breeds normally have specific personality traits that go through their bloodlines. Another factor that you have to consider is the size. Do you prefer a huge dog or a small one? If you’re living in a smaller space, you might go for a small dog, and if you have a large yard, a bigger dog will get enough activity there. Lastly, you probably want to know if a particular dog is high maintenance or low maintenance. If you’re away at work most of the day, a low-maintenance, low-anxiety dog is best for you. These are just some of the factors to think about when you research the best breeds for your needs. Take a look below at some of the most popular breeds around and what makes them so great.

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You’ve surely seen this dog in various movies and commercials. Remember Lassie? The Collie is a widely popular dog breed known for its playful and charming personality. Although their long coat makes them somewhat high maintenance, there are so many things that you’ll love about this dog. For one, they are really playful. If you have kids at home, they will definitely want to play with their dog, and a Collie is one of the best breeds for a family. They simply want to make humans happy, and apart from that, they are also very alert and can be trained easily. They’re known for being intelligent and friendly towards people.

collie - best family pet


English Bulldog

Another great dog breed to have at home is the English Bulldog. What makes them really popular is that they are very sturdy and have funny personalities. Plus, they are not so energetic, which means that you don’t have to run after them all the time. They do need a bit of daily exercise, however. Most English Bulldogs do well in a variety of spaces, too. Unlike other dog breeds that require huge yards, this breed will do fine in just about any home and can even thrive in apartments. If you live in a condo or townhouse, a bulldog is a good choice. They don’t require much grooming, but they do better in cooler areas because their short snouts give them a tendency to overheat easily.


Golden Retriever

This dog breed is the third most popular in the country because it’s smart, handsome, and fun. This is a great breed for families that’s known for its patience and high energy. Those who have kids at home surely love Golden Retrievers. Your kids can play with them, as these dogs love to run a lot. On top of that, Golden Retrievers are great service dogs and are also good at swimming. They’re very gentle and friendly, so they don’t make good guard dogs, and their long coats also require daily brushing.

golden retriever - best family pet



A Beagle is an ideal dog for pet owners who have children. What makes this breed really popular even though it’s a little high maintenance is that it has a very charming personality. Beagles are really energetic and very friendly, so they love playing with kids. They were originally bred as scent hounds, and their tracking instincts are still very strong, so they’re easy to train if you would like a hunting companion as well. Although they’re small, they need a lot of daily exercise and do best in homes with yards.



Boxers relate well with kids and they have an amusing look. One of their interesting and distinctive qualities is that Boxers simply love kids. They’re also known to have high energy levels and are very affectionate to their masters. They may not be the cutest breed, but they definitely have a lot to offer families. They are a bit more high-energy and benefit from exercise and interacting with others, so this is a great breed to take to the dog park or out for a run.


Labrador Retriever

Labradors (also known as labs) are the most popular breed in the country. They’re known to be playful and are very active and curious. Labradors are quite athletic, which makes them good playmates for kids or good exercise buddies for people. They were originally developed to bring back small game that hunters had shot, so they love playing fetch. They thrive in homes with yards.



Newfoundlands may be really huge, but don’t let their gigantic size intimidate you. Contrary to their appearance, this breed is very gentle and considered an excellent family pet. They love playing around with kids and they definitely do well with other dogs, too. If you have a large space and you want a gentle dog that’s really adorable and can be an amazing family dog, you can never go wrong in choosing a Newfoundland. Keep in mind that this breed sheds a lot, and it also has long hair, so you need to keep up with regular grooming to maintain its coat.


English Spaniel

If you’re looking for playful, smart, and good with kids all in one, an English Spaniel makes a perfect addition to your family. These dogs are very easy to train because of their sporting-dog origins, and they prefer to stay active to use up their excess energy. They’re also quite compact, so they can do well in smaller homes, but you will need to walk yours regularly. This is also one of the longest-living breeds and can be with you for 15 years or longer.

english spaniel


Choosing a dog doesn’t have to be difficult, and really, all dogs can be good dogs. Take time to get to know more about the different breeds and select which one suits your personality, lifestyle, and other essential considerations. Remember that you don’t always need to head to a breeder, either; there are plenty of great dogs waiting at shelters for the right loving family to come along.

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