Dogs can surround you with love all day - - Training Dogs

Dogs can surround you with love all day.

Many offices have started allowing their employees to bring their dogs to work. Dogs can bring happiness to us by just being there, yes it does require some changes, a way to confine her if necessary, toys to keep her busy when you need to concentrate, collar, leash, poop bags for potty breaks. TheВ  time commitment to take her outside for aВ potty break can clear your mind. And it forces you В to take breaks when you might not have otherwise. People get wrapped up in their job and their thoughts, sometimes stifling ourselves. There are professional tests that have shown В our minds work better when we do take mental breaks. Walking outside, doing Pilates, actually just taking a break of any kind seems to help freshen our minds, our ideas. Now dogs that are not qa shedding breed are definitely the preferable breeds for this job, some people do have high allergies to pet dander. So please consider your fellow employees, when considering this change in your workplace.

Dogs can surround you with love all day

Obviously some workplaces are more contusive to this,  than others. There are many dog trainers that just help acclimate dogs into offices. If your company is thinking about doing this, please research it well. Many of the experts disagree about how to implement it, but an insurance company versus a construction company would require totally different approaches. All I know is that the more time I spend with my dogs, the more relaxed, and focused I am, even if they require extra time. Dogs do give us the most love, they don’t judge. But they can help you keep a clearer mind.

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