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SOCIALIZATION BISCUITS    (Break a puppy biscuit into 4 pieces each or use Cheerios – something small.  If your pet has allergies you can even use dry pieces of the pets food)  Put them in a bag or bowl, out of Molly’s reach by the door.

Socialization is the process during which Molly will develop relationships with other living beings. The experiences that she has during the first 4 months of life will dramatically influence her adult personality.В  But continuing the process will reinforce the good behavior.

She should meet as many new people as possible, in a variety of situations. Encourage each person who meets her to give her a biscuit. This will teach Molly to look forward to meeting people and it will discourage hand-shyness, since the puppy will learn to associate new friends and an outstretched hand with something special. Once she has learned to sit on command, have each new friend ask her to sit before giving the biscuit. (even at a park or store or even during a walk). This teaches a proper greeting and will make Molly less likely to jump up on people. Be certain that she has the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people of all ages, races, appearance, and both sexes during these early months as well as large and small dogs and children.


Prevention, easier than correction, is the name of the game when raising a Molly. Learn to read her body language so you can anticipate what she’s going to do and redirect her before she is in full swing, Consistency, It’s only fair �that your puppy knows what to expect in the way of rewards and reprimands’ in all similar situations. To teach Molly what is allowed and what is not, you must be clear with your commands and corrections, and you must be consistent, within the entire family.

To prevent asocial behavior and biting, it is very important the that Molly has frequent, positive experiences with everyone she meets.

Be sure to avoid physical punishment and any interactions with people which make her anxious. Puppies that receive insufficient socialization to people, other animals, and new environments during their first 4 months may develop irreversible fears, leading to timidity or aggression.

Shy puppies should not be pushed into doing anything they don’t want to do. It is very important that they are socialized, but they must do it at their own speed.

So – Don’t console, the pup when she acts fearful or you will  reward the fearful behavior and make her overly dependent on you.

If -В  Molly acts anxious when visitors arrive, ask the visitors to completely ignore her until she approaches them.

Because – Molly will feel trapped and needs to accept on her terms. Dogs have senses about people and children and other pets that we cannot even fathom. Do not force Molly, or she may push back and never like some people or pets.

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