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LecrecaВ  Taliaferro D.V.M

1966 – 2013

 Sometimes in this life, God places an angel in our lives. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes more subtle. Sometimes it just takes us awhile to figure out. To a lot of us, that is who Lecreca Shicadance Taliaferro D.V.M. was.  I don’t think anyone will argue that she had a knack of taking on strays, both in the animal world, and the human realm.  She shared her life with all of us.

Lecreca never judged or criticized, just gave ideas to improve. She was one of very few people who could tell you what you did wrong and then take you to lunch. She was a great listener, seemed to be able to get to the root of the problem before the rest of us. All while she was doing a surgical procedure on someone’s faithful furry friend. She often said that was her best “thinking time”. Fortunately, she was a great at multi-tasking.

From the years of knowing her and her wonderful family and loving her as a dear and faithful friend, we will miss her laughter, her wisdom, her strength, her cheery smile and even that look she gave you when it was time to stop talking. God gave her something to accomplish while in this world and she would not be sharing time with God and Noah and hugging Star & Kelsey, if God hadn’t said “Well done  Lecreca, now come to live with Me in Paradise, in a very large mansion with lots of space for you and all your loved ones, furry and human. Here is a new body that your loving glow will shine through, and it will never give you pain again.”  We selfishly wish He meant the city Paradise, Texas, a little north – west of Ft. Worth.  But it is not soeavenHH.

How can we say “Good Bye” “See you in Heaven” “I love you” for the last time?  For me, it only by knowing, that sooner or later, I will see you again, but God has not quite finished with me yet. So, until then I am going to try to be the very best person you helped teach me to be, and always someone my dogs can be proud of.



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